Fellow guinea pig and rattie lover suffers extensive heartbreak, loss and damage due to killer tornado April 27, 2011.

Marsha Weaver, her husband, 2 children and dog barely escaped with their lives when a tornado ripped through their Alabama home on April 27. They sought immediate shelter in a hallway as their home was torn up around them, then ran to a neighbors basement. Unfortunately they were not able to get their guinea pigs and ratties to safety. Miraculously several of the guinea pigs and ratties were found alive after the storm. However, Marsha's home and life as she knew it was blown asunder.

Hundreds of Marsha's friends, customers, acquaintances, fellow animal lovers and just everyday kind hearted people have rallied to raise money and supplies to help her and her family, including the beloved pets. Please consider being a part of this touching and amazing endeavor. Click on the links below for further information on the tragedy and ways you can help:


Sponsor A Guinea Pig Lover

Diana's Blog - A Miracle Can Weigh Less Than 3 Pounds: The littlest Alabama tornado survivors

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