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For Adults Only -- Boars That Is!

Easter Plea

There's Gonna be some Changes at JPGPR

Are These Minnesota Guinea Pigs Waiting for YOU?!

Archived Articles:

The Passing of My Friend

Fifth Annual Minnesota Pignic

Third Annual Minnesota Pignic

Little Nippers

Aaaah Choo! I'm Allergic to My Guinea Pig!

So You Want to Adopt a Guinea Pig?

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

Guinea Pig Housing

That Toothy Grin (revised 2/2007)

Guinea Pigs: General Information and Care Requirements

One Pig or Two?

Vicki's Favorite Cavy Books

My First Rescue

"Should I Neuter My Boar?"

Family Portrait

Old Timers (revised 1/2007)

If Your Cavy Is Losing Weight or Not Eating... (revised 2/2007)

Internet Advice

Adopting a Shelter Piggie

Twain: The Story of a "River Rat"

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Have a Heart, PETsMART, Stop Live Animal Sales

This on-line petition is a request for PETsMART to stop selling live animals. We are targetting PETsMART because the petition writer has already lost a PETsMART pet and has corresponded with PETsMART over this matter. By concentrating on one major chain at a time, we hope to convince them to be a trendsetting example to other pet stores. If they stop selling live animals, then many of the pet mills that supply them with livestock will find their profit margin reduced. If other major chains follow PETsMART's lead - then a real dent can be made in all the pet mills; puppy, cat, guinea pig, rat, bird, etc.

Our intention is to appeal to the corporate bottom line of PETsMART by promising support in return for adoption of ethical policies.

It is a small step that might prompt huge changes.

To "sign" the petition, just click on this link:

If you would like more information on cavy rescue or would like to make a much needed (and appreciated) donation to support cavy rescue, you may contact Vicki at Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue. Vicki can be reached by e-mail at or by snail mail at Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue, 26515 Apollo Street NE, Stacy, Minnesota 55079.

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