I have surfed the web enough to form an opinion about many of the web sites available. Many are good, informative and even amusing. Some are pretty scary. Not because of porn or violence, but because of incorrect, incomplete and unverified information being handed out freely as facts. Specifically I am concerned with many of the pet board and chat type lists and pet information lists. While they may be interesting and fun, please take what you read with a grain of salt. Or a salt block. People with little knowledge or experience may come off sounding like experts. I have seen incorrect and sometimes even dangerous information posted.

Before acting on any information you receive online that may affect your pet's health or safety - double check with a truly knowledgeable person, like a veterinarian specializing in the care of your type of pet. If you need help finding such a vet please let me know. Maybe I can refer you to somebody you can at least call for advice.

You can contact me at:

Before I hand out advice I usually have something to back it up - veterinary or medical manuals, vet recommendations, experiences during the 15 years I've kept cavies. If I don't have an answer I can probably refer you to an expert that does, and I always encourage owners to check with a veterinarian. Enjoy the Internet, but keep in mind very few web sites are monitored for accuracy.

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