The pignic was great.  Ton of food and quite a few people this year. It was nice to see new faces and meet people I've only talked to through emails.  Most people brought their guinea pigs.  I loved seeing how proud folks are of their pets. What really impressed me was the amount of husbands that came along - and actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. Heck, some of the guys did more bragging about their pigs than the wives did!  

There were 2 big pens set up with lots of igloos and hay mounds (boys and girls, of course). The pigs LOVED it. Always surprises me how little fighting there is when they put all these pigs together that don't know each other. Plus add the excitement/stress of strangers petting them, kids playing with them, pictures being taken, handfuls of treats, etc.

The pigs just seemed to have a good time.  It was funny, the whole bunch would be active and then napping at the same time. There were lots of interesting coats and colors.  Such beautiful, well cared for pigs.  

I was so bummed. I remembered my camera, but didn't have any film in it. Poop! Luckily other people took lots of pictures and promised to share. Special thanks go to Melinda Fierro Westberg and Paula Griffin for letting me use some of their pictures for this article!

Mabel, who was adopted from the JPGPR by Becky Hanson in April, 2001, loved the pignic

One of our local artists, Lea Martin, had guinea pig T-shirts, buttons, decals, bumper stickers for sale - with proceeds going to JPGPR, which ended up being a very generous donation.  I love Lea's work and did a bit of shopping there myself.  

We lucked out on the weather. Thunderstorms were forecast for the day.  Clouds did get a bit threatening looking, but it never rained. The park Lynn K. picked out was great. Pretty and fairly private, the grass was perfect for the guinea pigs. Lynn and Lea a terrific job of planning this pignic and putting it together with help from Paula and Ally (anybody else I missed?).

Great Pignic, thanks gals! 

Click on the links below to see more pictures of the Pignic, kindly shared by:

Melinda Fierro Westberg

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